Thursday, July 12, 2012

Another Self Assesment

I wanted to share this questionnaire presented by Dr. Warren, psychologist, Christian book author and  founder of Self reflection is the key to true relational fine tunning. Would love to hear about what you are discovering about you! Let's go Lets grow.

Self-Questionnaire based on Dr. Warren
1. Who is the most important person in your life? Explain why.
2. What do you most look forward to achieving in your life?
3. Think back to the most angry you’ve ever been. Who caused that anger and how?
4. Think back to the most loved you’ve ever felt. Who made you feel that way and how?
5. How do you feel in yourself – physically, emotionally and mentally?
6. What inspires you, and how do you feel when you’re inspired?
7. What is the most important thing in the world to you?
8. How would you want to spend your last day on earth?
9. What scares you?
10. Imagine you could only accomplish one more thing in your life – what would you want that to be?
11. What do you find boring, and why?
12. Is money important to you? Do you think about it a lot?
13. Does religion play a part in your life? If so, how?
14. What are your three biggest interests?
15. Do you have an enemy or a rival? If so, how did they get to that position?
16. Do you eat to live or live to eat? And is your diet something you control carefully?
17. Does life-long marriage seem like a wonderful or awful idea to you? And why?
18. Are you emotionally healthy? Which emotional areas could you improve and which are healthy?
19. Do you argue a lot with your friends and family? If so what is the usual result?
20. If you could write your own eulogy, what would the last sentence be?


Marriage is a divine institution that remains a mystery to many. The apostle Paul spoke of the mystery of marriage in Ephesians 5, and included, in my opinion, the main ingredients to happy marriages. First and foremost, being followers of God and walking in love spoken of in the first verse I believe is foundational and is the difference in happy and unhappy couples. The love that is commanded for us to walk in is the God kind of love that is daring, radical, and sacrificial. This particular demand was put on the men to love their wives as Christ loves the church and gave is life for it. Also he is to love her as she if she was his own body which in fact she is. When a believer is fully persuaded to go thoroughly and holistically in the love walk and emulate Abba, then the holy union will have the authentic substance of faith, and grace that makes the metamorphosis of a pleasurable marriage.
 The second ingredient spoken was submitting to each other. When I located the word submit in the Greek is hupotasso it referred to subjecting, obedience, and subordination. (Strong, 1990) I noticed that the demand was given both ways, to wives and husbands which eliminates the traditional chauvinistic point of view. To me, this is a great example of checks and balances as it pertains to matters of the blessed union. The root hupo refers to being under place, and tasso arrange in orderly manner. These are positions both parties should adhere to in their particular roles and do it as unto the Lord. Understanding one’s role, expectation, and responsibility to God and spouse allows the gray areas to be eliminated leaving little room for speculation and prevalence in accountability.
The last ingredient is the mystery. I looked that word up also, and in the Greek it is expressed as to shut the mouth, secret. I believe this is powerful, because a lot of times we constantly, talk about our marriages to our coworkers, our neighbors, our families, and even strangers. We talk to all those people except to the one who really needs to hear it, our spouses. If we would treat our marriages in such as a secret society, brotherhood, and sisterhood, swearing our allegiances, loyalty, and trust then we, the body of Christ would have more successful marriages.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Empathy the Key???

Communication is key to a happy marriage

I read this article today... I thought it was very interesting, and I want to know what do you all think??

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

First Things First!

I will take the timeless saying of the Greek philosopher Socrates, “Know Thyself.” I believe whole hearted this the catalyst of a solid relationship and your relationship is as healthy as the least unstable spouse or partner. Are you looking for a faithful partner? Are you faithful? Are you looking for someone who communicates well? Do you communicate well? Knowing you is the best thing you can do to be prepared to be the answer to another’s prayer for the ideal lover/spouse.
 It is imperative that we take the time to understand us before we add others into our own little worlds known as Population Me. In order to give, receive, and preserve love we must understand what love is. One definition will not be efficient, for love is multi-dimensional, but for the sake of conversation, my working definition is such:
 Love- An endearing attitude with appropriate behavior: A choice to act in adoration: the soul’s energy source that produces words of affirmation, unconditional service, giving, and physical and spiritual closeness.
This is your measuring stick not only towards prospective loves, but first, the measure of how are you loving you. If we think about it, Jesus is the ultimate model in essence of showing forth true love. The Bible tells us that God is love, and in the 2nd book to the Corinthian church the Apostle Paul gave us a very detail description on how to identify love, its qualities, and what it is not.
 Because of love complexities, many confuse emotional, physiological reactions of attraction for love. But when the natural high dissipates, the birds stop chirping, and the symphony stops playing, you’ll find yourself suddenly trapped and asking yourself the question, “How did I get here?, Who is this person?, What was I thinking?” I would like to stress to you ladies and gentlemen, I submit to you for argument sake that one cannot be successful in loving others whole hearted if they don’t know who they are. To know YOU is to love YOU.  It is a wise person who understands this concept and understands that the knowing of ones’ self is a life time process. For everyone who grows in knowledge, experience, and faith, in examining themselves, realizes that your desires, taste, aspirations change. In this notion, we must take in to account the examination of self. Take some time to get intimate with you:
Take some time, this day, to see you for who you are… the good, the bad, the weird, and most of all, the motive. In self-assessing, you will come to the understanding of what sort of personality you have, and know what type of individual would suit you best and bring balance and not chaos to your world. Promise me this that you will look into you deeply before you jump into another dopamine- induced- fly by night- he will do for now type of scenario! Let’s go! Let’s go! This is...

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Hellloooo World!

Teasha Blackmon
Christian Counseling Lay-Helper and Soul Care Specialist

Greetings to all and welcome to my blog, One2GrowOn. My hope and intention for this new venture of mine is to provide practical and simple postings to encourage better and healthier love, marriage, and family/friend relationships. I will also provide resources, and referrals for local professional therapist, crisis, centers, and human service agencies to help us all take part in the betterment of our communities. Please feel free to comment and leave suggestions, because I really want to know what is on your mind! My desire is that I will not be just a lecturer,but a mediator to help in engaging in fruitful dialog.
         A few house rules:
  • No vulgar or fowl language.
  • No bullying, name calling, racial taunting.
  • No disrespect of any kind
  • No advertising or solicitations.
Thank you all and I look forward to growing with you all in this love walk!
Until the next time....